Benefits of joining the IGCC

Membership of the IGCC will provide invaluable assistance to members to understand climate change issues, exchange best practice and turn climate change into an opportunity for investment growth. IGCC activities and events are member-driven and focused on delivering member value. Becoming a member entitles you to participate in and direct IGCC activities, and benefit from: Increased awareness and knowledge on climate change and its impacts on the financial returns of investments including:
  • The opportunity to learn about the latest climate change developments and trends and to help determine the implications for investment management; and
  • Access to climate change research and input into research development relevant to the investment sector.
Access to best practice - members learn about the most successful policies and approaches for managing the impacts associated with climate change issues, including:
  • Assess to approaches and tools to manage climate change risk. This will assist members to incorporate the risks and opportunities associated with climate change into investment decisions; and
  • Improved assurance that risk management approaches adequately take climate change risks into consideration;
Enhanced profile and increased recognition of members efforts to manage climate change risks, including:
  • Promotional opportunities through the IGCC website, activities and events including publications and presentations;
  • Improved image with investors, employees and the community. This will provide members with greater legitimacy in the marketing and promotion of sustainability credentials, as well as any sustainability-focused products or services;
  • The opportunity for members to promote their own initiatives related to climate change; and
  • The ability to report on IGCC activities to their individual investors, to enhance brand and profile.
Professional development - regular meetings and events bring together leading individuals to discuss emerging climate change issues, including:
  • Access to and networking with leading thinkers on climate change;
  • The opportunity for individual organisations to take a leadership role on IGCC activities and initiatives through participation on a project committee; and
  • The opportunity to contribute to creating positive behavioural change for the benefit of the organisation's individual investors, as well as the broader community.

Networking - the IGCC provides members with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and contacts to draw on, and is a forum for engagement with government, corporates, and the community, including:

  • The opportunity for ongoing networking and information sharing with investors on climate change and sustainability issues. This can assist in highlighting and addressing common issues in a consistent and coordinated manner, ensuring greater efficiency and effectiveness for members in dealing with climate change; and
  • Access to government and policy makers, improved relations with government and improved ability for members to influence public policy.
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