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Tuesday 19th May 2015

Global investors launch platform for climate actions and commitments 

Online hub captures wide range of investor climate change initiatives 

As companies, investors and policymakers gather in Paris for Climate Week to galvanize momentum ahead of a global deal at COP 21, investors have launched an online platform that for the first time will identify and record the wide range of actions on climate change being undertaken by the global investor community. 

The Investor Platform for Climate Actions covers three primary action areas: 

  • Measurement (e.g. carbon footprinting of portfolios) 
  • Engagement (e.g. with fossil fuel and energy intensive companies) 
  • Reallocation (including investment in low carbon assets and shifting capital from emissions intensive activities) 

By showcasing the broad range of climate actions being undertaken by the investor community globally, investors are determined to encourage further initiatives and help drive momentum for an ambitious global climate deal in Paris in December. 


Friday 8th May 2015

Resignation of IGCC CEO

Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) Chairman Frank Pegan today announced the resignation of Nathan Fabian as IGCC's Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Fabian has served as IGCC’s CEO for six years since 2009.

In his term as IGCC CEO, Mr. Fabian raised the profile of investor concerns on climate change in Australia and internationally.

Under Nathan’s leadership, IGCC has deepened investor knowledge on climate change and advanced the integration of climate risk and opportunity assessment into investor practice. IGCC also more than doubled its number of members and assets under management represented in the group, while making a substantial contribution to climate change policy development in Australia.


Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Global investor groups publish guidance on investing in solutions to address climate change

Solutions guide supports implementation of investors’ actions and commitments on climate change 

SYDNEY: The four investor groups on climate change have today published a guide outlining a range of strategies and solutions investors can use to address climate change, including low carbon investment, managing and reducing carbon exposure in portfolios, and engagement, as investors around the world work to scale up their efforts to invest in clean energy and shift to lower carbon assets. 

The investment solutions guide follows last year’s Financial Institutions Taking Action on Climate Change report, which concluded that there is a need for actions addressing climate change to be more widely integrated into mainstream investment processes.

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Wednesday 22nd April 2015

CCA report pragmatic about Australia’s emission reductions

The Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) today welcomed the draft report of the Climate Change Authority on Australia’s future emissions reduction targets.

Based on IGCC's own analysis, which will be included in a submission to the Government’s UNFCCC Taskforce, the CCA has delivered a pragmatic assessment of Australia’s future emissions reduction task and a realistic 2025 target.

Considering the European Union target of -40% by 2030, a United States target of -26% to -28% by 2025 and a commitment from China to cap emissions by 2030, Australia has fallen behind the reforms being undertaken by the world’s major economies.


Tuesday 9th December 2014

Investors step up engagement with fossil fuel companies

As climate negotiations continue, investors raise questions for boards of oil and gas companies around the world

As countries gather in Lima to build momentum towards an international climate deal, the global investor community has today published a guide outlining expectations for fossil fuel companies on growing carbon asset risks as they prepare to step up their engagement with the industry in the coming year.

Seeking to safeguard their investments from uncertain fossil fuel demand, emerging technologies and policy interventions, investors are concerned that current business strategies being pursued by some oil and gas companies may not be sufficiently sustainable.


Friday 14th November 2014

Australia’s 2020 emissions target is now redundant

Given the climate policy announcements by China and United States this week, Australia's minus 5% emissions reduction target by 2020 is now a redundant investment signal for market participants in Australia, the Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) said today.

“Investors will expect to see company emissions reduction plans capable of achieving carbon competitiveness in line with trends in international markets,” said Mr. Nathan Fabian, Chief Executive of the IGCC.

“If American, European and Chinese companies are all reducing their emissions, investors will expectAustralian companies to do the same.”

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